5 Day Email Challenge Day 5 – the “This Just Happened” email

Hi – Welcome back to the 5th and final day of the 5 Day Email Challenge!

In this challenge we’re writing 5 brilliant emails in 5 days using simple templates and prompts so you can do it fast.

In today’s email we’re going to learn a template that I think is one of the most powerful and versatile tools in your armoury – the “This Just Happened” email.

In essence, this is an email about something that just happened in your life in that last day or so.

It could be something you saw in the real world, something you experienced, something you read, an email you received, a conversation you had, a TV show you watched. Anything interesting that happened in the last day or so. And you’re then going to draw out a lesson learned from it.

If you can master this skill you have a never-ending supply of emails because you have a never-ending supply of recent events.

The event doesn’t have to be something big or memorable – just vaguely interesting. As long as it’s interesting, your audience will want to read it and it’ll allow you to become top of mind again while giving a bit of value.

One big key is to make sure you’re alert during the day for interesting things and then you either scribble a note about them down as they happen or at the end of the day just think to yourself “what was the most interesting thing that happened to me today?”. That will give you all the fuel you need to work with.

There are more tips and instructions on how to write this email in the guide and Fast Start training video – and I’ve also included a special bonus tip (which you can use more widely) below the download section.


Download the “This Just Happened” email guide

That should give you all you need – but if you need a bit more help you can watch a more in-depth tutorial video walking you through the template in the Fast Start Module here.

Want feedback on your email or have a question to ask? Click here to go to the 5 Day Email Challenge Discussion Forum.

Bonus Tip – Using AI to come up with ideas for lessons and tips from your interesting event

If you have identified an interesting scenario or story, you can prompt any AI like Chat GPT, Claude or Bard to come up with potential lessons that could be learned from it in your field.

So for example, today Kathy and I had coffee and lunch in our new local coffee shop – Meet & Eat and they’d done a wonderful job with their Christmas decorations.

I asked Claude:

And this was his answer:

Not bad at all. Certainly something that would give me some ideas to work with. I’d then have to put more thought into any I selected but it’s definitely usable – give it a try!