5 Day Email Challenge Day 1 – the Basic How To Email

Hi – Welcome to the 5 Day Email Challenge!

In this challenge we’ll be writing 5 brilliant emails in 5 days using simple templates and prompts so you can do it fast.

Watch the short video below to get started, then download the email guide to get your instructions on how to write the email.

Today’s email is a simple but very powerful one: the Basic How To Guide.

In this email you share a short step-by-step guide to solve an annoying problem or achieve a simple goal that your readers are likely to have.

Ideally, pick a problem that you get asked about a lot or you see people asking about. That way not only do you know it’s a problem people care about – you also have an easy introduction to the email: “This is a problem I get asked about a lot…”


Download the “Basic How To” email guide

That should give you all you need – but if you need a bit more help you can watch a more in-depth tutorial video walking you through the template in the Fast Start Module here.

Want feedback on your email or have a question to ask? Click here to go to the 5 Day Email Challenge Discussion Forum.