5 Day Email Challenge Day 2 – the “I Wish I’d Known This” Email

Hi – Welcome back to the 5 Day Email Challenge!

In this challenge we’re writing 5 brilliant emails in 5 days using simple templates and prompts so you can do it fast.

Today’s email is a great way of getting across a tip or strategy that will be helpful to your readers by embedding it in a personal story of a problem you used to have that you now would be able to solve much better and faster using the experience you’ve gained over the years

By using your personal experience of a problem your readers are likely to have too, you’re building empathy and the sense you understand their issues because you’ve been through them yourself.

You’re also subtly showing that you have the expertise and experience to help them because you now know more than you did back then and would be able to solve that sort of problem much better now.

The story format is also more interesting than just blurting out the tips too!

Pick a tip or strategy or piece of advice that you would give your readers today that you would have benefitted from yourself in the past and the email almost writes itself.


Download the “I Wish I’d Known This” email guide

That should give you all you need – but if you need a bit more help you can watch a more in-depth tutorial video walking you through the template in the Fast Start Module here.

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