5 Day Email Challenge Day 3 – the “Stolen Secrets Listicle”

Hi – Welcome back to the 5 Day Email Challenge!

In this challenge we’re writing 5 brilliant emails in 5 days using simple templates and prompts so you can do it fast.

In today’s email we “up the game” and exercise our creativity. You’re going to write an email where you make an analogy between your field of expertise and something people wouldn’t normally associate it with.

For example: leadership and cricket, teamwork and an episode of Seinfeld.

Listicle simply means the main content of the email will be a list of tips. “Stolen Secrets” is a great theme and subject line that builds intrigue – e.g. “3 marketing secrets stolen from David Beckham”

There are three sources I typically use for this type of email to draw my analogies from:

  • My hobbies
  • My recent non-work experiences (e.g. something interesting I’ve read, someone I’ve chatted with, somewhere I’ve been)
  • Popular culture (TV, books, films)

The tips you share don’t have to be earth-shatteringly original. Really you’re just reinforcing ideas with a new and original example.

The tone of the email should be fairly light, just introduce it and say why you think this unusual lesson is important or valuable, then share the tips with the links to your source.

You’ll most likely be giving tips in an area where you can help them so you can do a straight call to action – e.g. “If you’d like to get better, faster results…”. Or you can do a lighthearted one – e.g. “If you’d like to improve your marketing skills to “Beckham level”, you’ll learn exactly how to do that in…”

That’s it – have fun with this one!


Download the “Stolen Secrets Listicle” email guide

That should give you all you need – but if you need a bit more help you can watch a more in-depth tutorial video walking you through the template in the Fast Start Module here.

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