5 Day Email Challenge Day 4 – the “Real Reason” email

Hi – Welcome back to the 5 Day Email Challenge!

In this challenge we’re writing 5 brilliant emails in 5 days using simple templates and prompts so you can do it fast.

In today’s email we’re going to do a really powerful email because it can trigger a real lightbulb moment for many of your readers and give them real clarity.

You’re going to write the email about a problem your clients often have where they’re often mistaken about the real cause – and obviously you’re going to reveal the real cause of the problem.

By revealing the true reason the problem is happening you can trigger feelings like “Ah…I get it…now I understand…and that explains why…” and “omg – finally I can see why this has been happening – it’s all becoming clear now”.

That diagnostic value and release of emotions is incredibly powerful. It’s also useful from a sales perspective too as you’re giving value and satisfying your readers without giving them the answers – so they’ll be thirsty for more.

The key is that your reason can’t just be obvious. It can’t be that “you’re not getting enough sales because you’re not making enough sales calls” or “you’re not successful because you’re not trying hard enough”. It takes a reason they weren’t aware of to trigger the lightbulb moment you’re looking for.

That means when you’re looking for a topic you need to think about your work with clients and pick out an area where very often they’re not aware of the true cause of their problems. Not every problem they have will fit this model – most will be ones where they’re aware of the problem and its cause but just haven’t been able to fix it yet. But for the topics where you can find a “hidden reason” your email is going to be really powerful.

For example a big one I used for years was that the real reason you’re not getting clients isn’t that your sales and marketing techniques aren’t good enough – it’s that you’re trying to sell to people who aren’t ready to buy and instead you need to keep in touch and build your relationship with them for when they are ready.

This is the type of email you might use quite early on with someone in your relationship with them as it can help them see problems they didn’t realise they had that you can then write about later. In fact I’ll often use a variation of it as the first email people get after signing up.

it’s a super powerful email – and once you’ve figured out the right problem to talk about it’s quite easy to write too!


Download the “Real Reason” email guide

That should give you all you need – but if you need a bit more help you can watch a more in-depth tutorial video walking you through the template in the Fast Start Module here.

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