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If you’re on this page then you’re probably very much aware that an email newsletter can be your most powerful tool for building relationships, establishing credibility and becoming seen as the “go to” person in your clients’ minds.

But if you’re anything like most people you might well be struggling to write consistently, and your emails just aren’t having the impact you’re looking for.

For too many people their experience of writing newsletters is one of frustration:

  • ​Staring at a blank sheet of paper, trying to come up with ideas for emails
  • Taking ages to write each email – and having to start from scratch each time
  • Struggling to balance adding value with promoting your products and services
  • Getting overwhelmed with all the technology and automation options
  • Not knowing how to persuade effectively without coming across as too salesy or pushy
  • Struggling to make your emails interesting so readers keep coming back for more
  • Emailing inconsistently and never building up a loyal following of potential buyers
  • Gettting bogged down, not making any progress, feeling guilty – yet not knowing how to finally succeed with an email newsletter

If that sounds familiar, you’re not the only one.

It certainly started out that way for me. But I can promise you – with time and experience it eventually “clicks” and your emails start to deliver real results.

Or if you want to jump straight in to getting results based on proven strategies and techniques then your fastest route to success is to join the Effective and Engaging Email Newsletter Course.

It’ll take you from Novice to Persuasive Email Powerhouse. And using the powerful templates, idea triggers and simple writing steps you’ll be writing brilliant emails within your first hour of starting the course.

On the course you’ll:

  • Discover Exactly What it Takes to Get Clients to Buy Through Email

Most people know that email is the best online approach for nurturing relationships and getting sales – but they don’t know how to make it a reality.

The course will teach you exactly what it takes to get your clients ready to buy and how to build that into your emails.

  • Generate Brilliant Email Ideas – At Will

A huge barrier for many people is coming up with ideas for emails that will be valuable, entertaining and move clients closer to buying.

On the course you’ll learn how to tap into the 4 best sources of email ideas so you have an endless supply of valuable email content.

  • Write Engaging and Persuasive Emails – Fast

Your emails need to be interesting and valuable so readers stay engaged as your relationship builds. And they need to be persuasive so they take action and buy.

In this course, you’ll learn proven templates and structures that make persuasive email writing quick and easy.

  • Craft “Must Read” Subject Lines

If no one opens your emails it doesn’t matter how persuasive they are, they won’t work.

You’ll learn the Must Read Subject Line Formula and get “fill in the blanks” templates and examples you can use to get high open rates – every time.

  • Automate to Optimise and Scale

You’ll learn the most important email marketing automations: from welcome sequences to “binge triggers” to engagement management.

You’ll learn which are worth implementing and how to do it.

Get Instant Access to the Effective & Engaging Newsletters Course for Just £197 (approx $250 USD)

Here’s what course attendees say about their experience…

“I highly recommend this course, particularly if you have had problems in creating and maintaining a regular sending routine for emails. Not only does it help you have ideas and create regular emails so it enhances your reputation and visibiilty to your audience but also it simplifies the work for you and reduces the amount of time you need to spend on doing it. Basically it is a win-win in every direction!”

Lynn Dutrow

Anna Cook

International Energising Executives Coach

“If you want to write better emails (or to learn how to write them), take this course. It teaches you everything you need. Ian shares what he knows (and he has written emails for years), and is available for feedback and help.”

Lynn Dutrow

Alberto Belle

Industry Analyst, IDG Group

“If you are looking for guidance and feedback from an expert on emails, Ian is your guy so just go ahead and take the leap into this course. If anyone can get you over the hump from whatever your Inner A-holes are telling you that’s keeping you stuck, it’s Ian and his course!”

Lynn Dutrow

Lynn Dutrow

Author and Compassionate A**Kicker

Here’s what you get on the course:

  • The Fast Start Module – to get you writing brilliant emails within an hour

Fast Start is all about learning by doing. You get 5 proven email templates and detailed instructions to tailor them to fit your own ideas and experiences.

By starting with the templates as “guide rails” you’ll write 5 powerful emails fast – and learn some of the key principles behind effective emailing as you do so.

  • Nailing the Fundamentals – so you’re building on a firm foundation

In this module you’ll discover what it takes to succeed with an email newsletter, and you” focus in on the best newsletter topic and format for you.

  • Your Infinite Source of Email Ideas

In this module you’ll learn how to generate all the client-focused email topics you’ll ever need. Then you’ll discover how to illustrate those topics in ways that make them interesting and memorable.

  • Writing Engaging Emails

In this module you’ll learn all the key techniques for writing emails that deliver value to your readers while capturing and keeping their attention, and getting them to come back for more

You’ll learn the Master Structure for effective emails, different angles to use to vary each topic in entertaining ways, strategies and templates for “must read” subject lines, and the key components of each email: hooks, transitions, content and calls to action. And there are lots of example email walkthroughs for you to see each element in practice.

  • Persuasive Writing

In this module you’ll learn the two different ways you can ethically persuade your readers through your writing.

You’ll learn how to build persuasion into your emails from day 1 so that over time your readers establish the beliefs needed to be ready to buy from you (or take other desired actions). And you’ll discover the “psychological nudges” you can add to emails to increase sales.

  • Series, Automations and Sequences

In this module you’ll learn how to write emails in series to increase their impact.

We’ll focus on the power of welcome emails and sequences, and look at additional automations and which ones are worth implementing.

  • Email Formatting, Deliverability and Systems

In this module you’ll learn how to format emails for readability and impact – and how to ensure your emails reach the inbox. You’ll also learn about the different email systems you can use and the strengths and weaknesses of each.

  • Personal Feedback and Support

Post up any questions or share your emails and ideas and you’ll get personal feedback and answers directly from me – and you’ll hear the insights of other course members based on their experiences too.

About Me

It might be useful to know a little bit about me, and why I’m the right person to help you “crack the email code”.

I’m the author of the #1 best selling and highest rated book on email marketing: Email Persuasion.

Get Response called me “One of the best email marketers in the world” and more importantly, I’ve helped thousands of consultants, coaches, trainers and creators to build authority, engage their audience and generate more sales with Email Marketing.

And of course, I’ve been emailing myself for over 15 years and it’s been the foundation of my business.

Outside of work I’m married to the wonderful Kathy and we have two great kids: Chris and Robs. And a cat. Mustn’t forget the cat.

My passions include magic (I used to be quite good but I’m way, way out of practice) and growing chillies – the hotter the better. I’m also a lifetime Newcastle United supporter – please, no gloating 😉

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Get Instant Access to the Effective & Engaging Newsletters Course for Just £197 (approx $250 USD)

More feedback…

“Taking the course is very worthwhile. It’s practical, straightforward, and, with a set rhythm of daily exercises, it’s quick to complete. All participants in my class, even those who already wrote well, received constructive and valuable feedback that improved their email writing skills. I believe you will finish the course better prepared to write engaging emails.”

Lynn Dutrow

Fabrício Yutaka Fujikawa

Email Deliverability & Automation

“I would advise anyone who is unsure about their email newsletter style or wants to take it up a notch or two should go for this course. It will build confidence and grow content styles painlessly but effectively. I’m very glad I signed up and completed it!”

Lynn Dutrow

Kate Baker

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